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Hi! Hope you enjoyed the Terra Inmortorum Garou Pages, or at least found them interesting, or at worst aren't inclined to send me to the authorities.

Some credits--I'd like to thank Chris Stewart, Shadow Lord player at large, for his contributions to the 'Lord page, and all the players who sent me information rather than getting me to make it up. And my sincerest thanks to Amanda Bauer, SST Black Fury, who has been my continual editor and my memory when I had too many In Character *Forgetful* traits for my own good. Thanks, y'all!

Terra Inmortorum is a domain of the Camarilla, a pretty much global role-playing fan association--check out their Main Camarilla Website. We're located in Austin, Texas. The land we romp through is based on White Wolf's World of Darkness games. As such, the content of these pages will change without notice--the Garou, the werewolves--we die a lot. I've got some more chronical information at Pravda, my site for the IC news of Austin.

I'm more than happy to include new characters in these pages--in fact, I'm hoping I get some more. Some of them are pretty barren right now! I do ask that you find your own wolf, if at all possible--it takes me a good 30 minutes to find an appropriate one--and even more time to double-check, to ask "Is this what Dances-with-Swiss-Bank-Accounts looks like?" and I really don't like the bother. Yes, there are an awful lot of really cute wolves out there, but I want to avoid culling photos from sites where some photographer is hoping to make money. When it says "Ask author for permission," either ask or find another wolf. Please.

Along with your character picture, send a few vital stats--Tribe, Auspice, Breed, Rank, maybe character concept, and a nice quote for color.

As for where I get the pictures I scrounge up:

Excite: The "Conceptual search engine." My resource for specific species--Coydogs, wolfdogs, and rottweilers.

AltaVista and Yahoo: Search engines. You know that. Playing a Bone Gnawer? Search for "Ugly Dog" or "Mutt." It's tedious, but you find some of the best pictures that way.

The following are, as far as I can tell, copyright-free:

Copyright Stuff: THE CAMARILLA, VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE, WEREWOLF: THE APOCALYPSE, CHANGELING: THE DREAMING and WRAITH: THE OBLIVION are registered Trademarks of White Wolf Game Studios. Any use of White Wolf Game Studios' copyrighted material or trademarks at this WWW site should not be viewed as a challenge to those copyrights or trademarks.

These pages are kept by Jacob Williamson. For more of my Stuff, check my Geocities page.

And incidently, the pups in my gallery are up for grabs. Most of 'em are wolves of one sort or another, though there's a dingo and a few maned wolves (sort of dog-fox things) thrown in). If one of them fits your character, let me know...