Timeline: Austin

Here's a synopsis of the Austin Garou Chronicle. There are more details in the "Documents" site. Events that significantly reshaped the chronicle--the battles and celebrations the Sept dates by, the nightmares the Garou hope their cubs will never relive--are marked in bold print. Packs, Sept Office changes and Antagonists are marked by color, and underlined dates can be clicked for photos of that game and event.



1850?: A pack of Uktena, lead by a prideful Silver Fang, attempt to build a Caern on what would be Steel Fang's land in the future. They fail when their enemies overwhelm them.
1997: A pack of Player Character Garou bring new life to the Shining Springs, taking it out of the hands of NPC Children of Gaia. Steel Fang becomes Alpha.
May-June 1997: Terrorist attacks (four men armed with C4) destroy Knightwatch Building with a large amount of explosives.
August 30, 1997: Caern becomes home to an Incarna of Oak. A massive tree grows virtually overnight. The Sept first encounters Screaming Rage
September-October 1997: Sabbat raids on Austin carry havok through all venues
September 26: Sufur falls in battle against Screaming Rage's Black Spirals
October 18, 1997: Talya McHenry Turns-the-Heavens, Puffs-too-Much fall in an abortive attack against Screaming Rage's Black Spirals.
November 15, 1997: Night of one-on-one challenges in battle with Screaming Rage's BSDs: Gabrielle Nightshine, Jasper, Steals-the-Glory and others die. Steel Fang, Alpha of the Shining Springs, taken by the Black Spirals and forced to dance the Spiral. The sept forms a rescue party. Time in Erebus cleanses taint.
November 1997: Alpha passes semiofficially from Steel Fang to Duncan Avereaux, Glass Walker Adren, who later renounces it
November 30, 1997: Morgan Anderson, Shadow Lord Fostern, claims Alpha of Shining Springs, after Bear claims Alpha during Moot--and dies during the Revel. Morgan challenges Ramses DeShotel Speaks-to-the-Dead. A busy day.
December, 1997: Steel Fang, Mina Bluejay, Electric, Forge, Katriana Alexiev and Roland Sings-of-Death form the Rising Storm.
January 10, 1998: Silver Fang Katriana Alexiev claims Den Mother, but regrets it later.
January 10, 1998: Grey Heals-the-Weak, Child of Gaia Cub, gets aid of spirits to dig laboratory under incarna of Oak and Sept of Shining Springs. Caern collapses. Totem spirit Aqua kept briefly in Morgan's refrigerator. Quick action by Alpha salvages most of land January 10, 1998: Katriana Alexiev, Seamus McDunough, "Gref" Bridges, Roland Sings-of-Death band together to plan the Bard's Revel.
January 24, 1998: Screaming Rage, BSD, slain by Beethovan
February 1998: Bard's Revel pub opens. Fianna rejoice.
February 21, 1998: Pack of the Umbral Knights forms. Beethoven Alpha.
March 4, 1998: Katriana Anenia Alexiev steps down as Den Mother.
March 8, 1998: MacDay family, Fianna Kinfolk, seduce much of the future pack of the Wandering Knights. Local galliards fascinated. Pipes-the-Wyrm-Away, Fianna Lupus, "bepupped." David Stands-his-Ground unwillingly betrothed, though forced binding eventually broken.
March 21, 1998: Forge, Get of Fenris Battle-Lord, slays Abul, BSD of original Sept.
Spring, 1998?: The Black Spiral Hive at Bee Caves is cleansed.
March 21, 1998: Pack of the Wandering Knights forms, Alias Redrover, Stargazer, Alpha.
April 4, 1998: Alpha orders attacks on Pentex's Perdanales nuclear reactor.
April 18, 1998: Retaliatory strikes by Pentex. Hrothgar Gnaws-the-Wyrm, Gref Bridges, Treads-the-Soft-Snow and others killed. Gref's body not recovered. Battle goes badly: unarmed Garou throw rocks, armed minions of Wyrm use guns and elementals.
April 18 (approx) 1998: Pack of Umbral Knights disbands
April 25, 1998: Pack of Glass Ceiling arrives.
May 2, 1998: Silver Fang King of southern states, Fisher-of-Day's-Last-Light, holds trial of Duncan Avereaux, Sept's Eldest Philodox, alpha of Knightwatch. Avereaux accused of knowingly attacking a Silver Fang cub, falsely accusing her of being of Wyrm.
May 2, 1998: After Gathering for the Departed for April 18 deaths, "Revel" mission declared to find Gref Bridges's body. Body is discovered to be still moving and working with a powerful demon.
May 16, 1998: Forge, Diana Miletti, Steel Fang, Siddartha Binder-of-Demons, Java, Mina Bluejay, Electric collapse in past-life vision of failed Caern Building on Steel Fang's land.
May 30, 1998: Garou attacks on nearby nuclear reactor, Avalon Toys, Atlas Mining.
June 13, 1998: Cargo plane filled with nuclear waste strikes Shining Springs. Caern destroyed. Bard's Revel briefly closed for health violations.
June 13, 1998: Black Spiral Dancer Bruce Long, of the original Shining Springs, slain by Forge.
June 15, 1998: Pack of Wandering Knights disbands
June 17, 1998: Bard's Revel reopened.
June 27, 1998: The annual Ritual of the Great Hunt. Gaia asks that Beethoven of the Children of Gaia becomes the Hunt's target. Beethoven dies.
June 27, 1998: Gabrielle Nightshine's Labrys battle-axe, a sacred object of the Black Furies, recovered by Forge and Diana Milleti; kept by Diana.
July 11, 1998: Bone Gnawer Ash "Can-Beater" Renfroe briefly made City Father of Austin.
July 11, 1998: Morgan Anderson, Pack of Glass Ceiling, locate Shining Springs' Totem, Aqua, and bring spirit to a temporary home in Zilker Gardens.
July 11, 1998: Cliath Bone Gnawer Java appoints himself Eldest Philodox over disgraced Adren Glass Walker Duncan Avereaux
July 11, 1998: Morgan Anderson begins steps to acquire "The Boneyard" landfill for the Glass Ceiling pack.
July 11, 1998: "Pack" of Get of Fenris--Jules Stands-his-Ground, Giant-Killer, Thorin The-paws-of-Others and Shadow Lord Ryu Hiroshi lead diplomatic mission to Capitol. Veil breaches repaired. Forge charges cub charged to punish Get, sparking a rash of Den Mother problems.
August 8, 1998: Can-Beater, Den Father and City Father, leaves city in disgust. Felice Morningstar guilted by Glass Ceiling to claim Den-Mother.
August 8, 1998: Ryu Hiroshi, Hakken Shadow Lord, dies in challenge of honor against Forge following July 11 cub incidents.
August 8, 1998: Duncan Avereaux ostracised for a month by out-of-town Silver Fang Christian Albrecht
August 8, 1998: Duncan Avereaux's last known appearance in Austin
August 8, 1998: Archeological dig at razed Sept of Shining Springs uncovers the buried Garou there; many fetishes taken.
August 8, 1998: South Central Regional Garou Game
August 29, 1998: Forge gains a powerful Fenris Grand Klaive uncovered in archaeological dig (destroyed November 14)
Summer, 1998: Morgan Anderson gains government office: Chief aid to Governor of Texas.
Summer, 1998: Arguments over where to locate new sept: State Capitol, Steel Fang's land, McKinney Falls raised as possibilities.
September 5, 1998: Packs Glass Ceiling, Hidden Paths, go to The Scar to retrieve fetishes lost in archeological dig.
September 5, 1998: Diana Milleti ghouled in surprise attack/unnatural meteorological phenomenon. The Infernalist ultimately to blame.
September 12, 1998: A powerful vampire called "The Infernalist" begins a ritual to, possibly, end world. Several members of Sept die fighting him...but they get better. Garou and Kindred fight side-by-side. Steel Fang, Katrian Alexiev and daughter Katura Sophia vanish but are recovered.
September 19, 1998: Caern Building. Luna's Shadow founded. Demon, Gref Bridges, both assault Garou, along with Black Spirals, Vampires, banes, and so forth. Marshall Wet-Tail gives life to purge area of banes with a drum-talen.
October 3, 1998: Garou meet Caern Spirits, the Moonshadow and "Prince." Prince appoints Java "Speaker of Heaven," Maera (then Eldest Fianna, Eldest Galliard) "Seneschal of Heaven."
October 3?, 1998: Den-mother pack Glass Ceiling and cubs liberate moonstones from Texas Memorial Museum to empower Caern.
October 3: Sept reorganizes. All living officers maintain their positions. Diana Milleti claims Eldest Fury, Keeper of the Land
October 7, 1998: Java begins construction of Caern monuments
October 17, 1998: Diana Milleti, Black Fury, challenges Frank Scores-with-Women, Get of Fenris, in matter of honor. Frank's challenge: Greco-Roman wrestling. With loincloths and oil. The incident lives long in the Sept's memory.
October 17(?), 1998: Original sept totem, Aqua, disappears. Students at School for the Blind disappear.
October 31, 1998: Black Spirals attack Treaty Oak.
October 31, 1998: The terror that is Corrie McMasters, a "reluctant garou," forces Felice Morningstar to renounce Den Mother and Sept. Boom-Boom of Glass Ceiling claims Den-Mother.
October 31, 1998: Hacks-with-Abandon captured by BSDs; rescued by Glass Ceiling pack November 28
November 8, 1998: Java completes Caern monuments
November 14, 1998: Black Spiral Dancers begin Ritual of Defilement to create Pit at original Sept of Shining Springs. Spirit Aqua being corrupted, students of School for the Blind sacrificed. Mina Bluejay slays ritesmaster but is captured. Forge, Boom-Boom (Bone Gnawer) die. Gref Bridges warns sept of the ritual.
November 21 (?), 1998: Nearby San Marcos Caern of the Hidden Moon, Willpower Caern of Falcon, loosely allied with Austin, falls into slumber.
November 28, 1998: Pack Knightwatch fades out: Hacks-with-Abandon only remaining member.
November 28, 1998: Wolvgang, Siddartha Binder-of-Demons die attempting to rescue Mina Bluejay from demon, beginning the slow collapse of the Hidden Paths.
November 28, 1998: Maera Sings-to-the-Birds leaves Sept to protect family sept; Diana Milleti replaces as Eldest Galliard.
December 12, 1998: Gref Bridges slain during ritual to, possibly, end the world. Demon disappears.
December, 1998: Diana Milleti claims Den Mother after Boom-Boom's death
January 5, 1999: UT researchers studying wolves at McKinney Falls attacked with shuriken. Police investigate.
January 13, 1999: Sept of Luna's Gift, Clear Lake, falls into Malfaeas. Eldest Philodox Java and Matthew Oathkeeper, Regional Eldest Philodox, suffer difficult-to-cleanse Wyrm Taint. Clear Lake cubs brought to Austin by Watches-the-Wasichu, Wendigo Lupus Galliard, and left in Diana Milleti's care. Sept ultimately saved and cleansed.
February, 1999: The Honorable Judge Mo of the Glass Walkers claims Master of Challenges from Morgan Anderson.
February, 1999: In a challenge that was debated for over two months, Shadow Lord Walker claims Eldest Galliard from Diana Milleti.
March-April 1999: Morgan Anderson, Sept Alpha, succeeds in his Elder rank challenge.
March 5, 1999: Diana Miletti regains position of Eldest Galliard in challenge over the Shadow Lord Walker.
April, 1999: City Glass Walkers experience odd "mpgs" of a Pure One ritual on their computers. Sept Theurges have related visions.
April 3, 1999: City Glass Walkers inadvertantly summon a major incarna of the Weaver after assembling strange e-mails from "mindless@in.sanity.net"...oops. Glass Walker "security" possibly compromised. Steel Fang's living room badly damaged.
April 3, 1999: Wendigo Lupus Watches the Wasichu is apparently posessed. In the name of the Pure Ones, destroys a caern monument. Is subdued by Sept. Heart explodes.
April 2, 1999: Thomas Freeley elected DA.
April 15, 1999: Strange hallucinations and urges plague the Sept of Luna's Shadow. Nearby flower-growing lab destroyed.
April 15, 1999: Shadow Lord Shades of Grey claims Eldest Philodox in challenge over Bone Gnawer Java.
April 16, 1999: Medibomber, Bone Gnawer and packmate, claims Eldest Metis over Java.
April 27, 1999: Bone Gnawer Java dies of unknown but Weaver-related causes, later blamed on the Glass Walker Cathode Ray.
May 8, 1999: Pack of the Glass Ceiling disbands.
May 8, 1999: Rite of Spring Reawaking brings Garou from all nearby states to Sept. Spring Returns. Morgan Anderson disappears. Jules Stands-his-Ground dies, but gets better. Eldest Philodox Shades of Grey dies at Timex's hands; Matthew Oathkeeper claims position. Sharma Depotah, Strider Lupus, stricken by Spirits and forced into Homid form...forever. Katie, Fury cub turned Get of Fenris, disappears. Death itself touches many Garou, appears at many of the Challenges (as do the Pure Ones--Garou are transported to a frozen sweat lodge held by Winter, and face an ancient Wendigo shaman) and leaves many changes...but Spring returns.
May 16, 1999: "Boneyard," the Bone Gnawer junkyard, destroyed by fire, spreading dirty smoke across Austin for two days. Months later, Medibomber reclaims as a home for the Gnawers.
May 30, 1999: After two Scandals Diana Milleti declares herself Anruth. Morgan Anderson challenges Steel Fang to take Alpha from him (?), and after four throw-downs wins. Loses. Whichever. Shadow Lord Walker claims Eldest Galliard, Gnawer Canbeater claims Keeper of the Land, Fenris Jules claims Warder and Den-Father, COG Matthew Oathkeeper appointed Beta, Eldest Philodox, and Master of Challenges, Ripley Takes-no-Shit claims Eldest Fury, Talks-Too-Much claims Eldest Theurge.
June 12, 1999: The Urban Legends pack begins formation
June 12, 1999: Steel Fang, Alpha, appoints leadership of Caern. Medibomber claims Ritesmaster, Starless Night claims Eldest Lupus.
June 12, 1999: Raid on Wyrm-corrupt Capitol building. Many snakes attack. Bone Gnawer Ahroun Jet disappears.
June 26, 1999: Raid and massive Rite of Cleansing on Wyrm-Corrupt Capitol building. Bone Gnawer Ahroun Jet rescued and healed in Child of Gaia Homeland, though forbidden from smoking--if he does, his hands will fall off.
June 26, 1999: Party lead by Canbeater and/or Walker goes to the Legendary Land to retrieve the sacred herb, Moly.
July 7, 1999: Steel Fang and pack brings Thomas Creeley, Black Spiral cub, to the sept.
July 7, 1999: Spring parties in honor of Raven-spirits bring flocks of the birds to the Caern. Moot Revel sees dozens of Garou tossing balloons into the air. Sounds of exploding party favors terrorize lupus.
July 7, 1999: Party of sept elders and strongest warriors track the former Glass Walker, now Urrah of the Weaver, Cathode Ray Stanz. He is subdued and brought to Erebus for cleansing.
July 7, 1999: Bone Gnawer Jet throws pipe-bombs on caern soil to destroy balloons, summoning a Bane of Rage. Later, his hand falls off, oops.
July 7, 1999: As penance to spirits, Felice Morningstar rejoins Sept and claims Caern Warder.
July 10, 1999: Glass Walker Paul Dukhat begins two-week reign as City Father.
July 31, 1999: The Great Hunt of 1999. The hunt's goal is to rescue Katie, captured May 8, held by the Wyld Hunt. The Fianna Maera Sings-to-the-Birds and Angus Drains-the-Keg fall while guarding the gate to the realm of the Wyld Hunt. Over half the sept is trapped in the realm, and many are presumed dead: Jules Stands-his-Ground of the Get, Mosquito of the Glass Walkers, Tears of Rage of the Wendigo, Maera and Angus are among those whose names are recorded in the list of the Fallen.
July 31, 1999: The shade of Maera Sings-to-the-Birds blames Lana McGregor, now Lana McGregor-Ikthya, for calling the Wyld Hunt on the Sept. Lana is now running with Puck, Black Spiral Dancer of the Screaming Rage pack.
July 31, 1999: "Pack" led by Steel Fang disrupts Kindred weapon-delivery in a downtown warehouse.
August 3 (?) 1999: Canbeater slays the cub Seeks-the-Peace. In penance, he tears his eyes out.
August 28, 1999: The names of many are stripped from the lists of the dead as the groups trapped in the Umbra returned, many because of the sacrifice of the soul of Shades of Grey. Mosquito and Jules return, but their names are still among the dead...why? Tears of Rage does not return. Katie is rescued.
August 28, 1999: Trial held in moot for the crimes of Canbeater. He is sentenced to be reduced to Fostern, to serve the cubs for a month, and to find a way to restore his sight. Many superballs thrown during trial.
September 3, 1999: The Black Spiral Dancer Puck, last of the Screaming Rage pack, is slain; Lana McGregor-Ikthya taken to Erebus.
September 4, 1999: Redlark bests Steel Fang in challenge for Alpha of the Rising Storm.
September 14, 1999: Felice Morningstar attempts to force all garou of Austin to resubmit their Sept membership or lose their stations. Morgan Anderson claims her position, Caern Warder.
September 17: Heals-the-Weak, once Sinks-the-Caern, attempts to challenge Morgan Anderson to a duel of honor with his mighty "Grand Klaive," Ginsu. Once again named Sinks-the-Caern.
September 24, 1999: Pack of Urban Legends travels to San Antonio for the trial of Christian Albrecht. Albrecht renounces Tribe, Rank and Auspice.
September 24, 1999: Mosquito leaves Urban Legends to form an independant Glass Walker pack with Angie Lords Howls the Truth and Paul Dukhat.
October 1, 1999: Glass Walker Rebecca Blaine and an unnamed Lupus kin give birth to a total of seven, including five Garou. For some reason the pups are taken to the Flux Realm, where they aged five years in five minutes and now they won't stop shapechanging.
October 1, 1999: Christian Albrecht, Ronin, attempts to join the Shadow Lords. He is slain during his Rite of Passage.
October 1, 1999: Rite of Passage held for the cubs Freed From Cages, Thomas Creeley and Samuel (now Fury, Uktena and Uktena)
October 1, 1999: Black Fury Anruth Diana Milleti takes Alpha of Rising Storm from Red Lark in challenge.
October 14, 1999: Rite of the Totem binds the Mystery Men together in San Antonio.
October 16, 1999: Pack to Owl (name unknown) forms, Austin: More information later
October 23, 1999: [ICC 1999] Matthew Oathkeeper falls to the Wyrm while questing in Malfaeas. Dr. Elanor Flynn of the Children of Gaia and San Antonio Glass Walker Angie Lords die trying to rescue him.
November, 1999: Urban Legends splinter.
November, 1999: Shadow Lord Philodox Jason Ward ascends to Eldest Philodox
November 14, 1999: Silver Fang Galliard Kari Dove's Cry beats Steel Fang in a staredown, claiming Sept Alpha. Runs-Before-The-Storm appointed Beta.
November 14, 1999: Jules Watches-the-Wyld-Ways challenges Milleti for Alpha of Rising Storm, but fails. Steel Fang bests her in staredown afterward, and reclaims pack alpha.
December 4, 1999: Ravens hovering over the Sept of Luna's Shadow leave Sept.
December 4, 1999: Bobbi Sue Dances-the-Night-Away, Bone Gnawer Ragabash, killed by Jules Stands-his-Ground.
December 16 (?), 1999: Eldest Philodox Jason Ward killed by Timex of the Bone Gnawers. "Eldest Philodox" unofficially passed to Cordelia Osbourne, Child of Gaia
December 17, 1999: Sept Alpha Kari Dove's Cry claims "from Waco in the north to New Braunfels in the south and Junction City in the west to Bastrop in the east" as Sept territory.
January 7, 2000: Timex enters caern, a Garou Fomori. The Wyrm's forces in the form of two packs of Black Spirals and the membership of DOA Fraternity members, a dozen strong fomori, attack. Timex is slain. No garou are lost.
January 24, 2000: Jules punished with Stone of Scorn. Members of the Sept are invited to participate. Jet (Bone Gnawer Ahroun) participates with sniper rifle. Jet killed. Canbeater (Bone Gnawer Galliard) killed while bearing his throat by Fury of the Winds. Talons of Rage forms after Gathering for the Departed. Medibomber challenges Fury of the Winds. Fury makes event a death-challenge with champions; Blood of the First stands for Fury of the Winds, Felice Morningstar for Medibomber. Blood of the First loses.
January, 2000: Previously unnamed pack to owl names itself the Pack of the New Moon.
January 30, 2000: Fury of the Winds executed.
February 5, 2000: The Black Spiral Dancers
Angie Lords and Matthew Oathbreaker return to Luna's Shadow, along with a pet cyborg. The Garou of Austin dismantle the cyborg and Moonsinger of the San Antonio Sept performs the Rite of the Silver Forge on Oathbreaker.
February 10, 2000: Morgan Anderson claims
Alpha in challenge over Kari Dove's Cry. Disbands position of Sept Beta.
February ??, 2000:
Angie Lords kidnaps Eric Larson (Get Kinfolk, Pack of Mystery Men), Cordelia Osborne, eldest Philodox.
February 15, 2000: Thomas Creeley claims "Speaker for the Uktena Tribe" (not Eldest Uktena...)
February 24, 2000: South Central Regional Garou Game: Red Lark of Rising Storm dies. A human cult attempts to sacrifice Kinfolk of several Bete' to awaken a Spirit of Night.
February 29, 2000: Alpha Morgan Anderson declares war on
Angie Lords.
March, 2000: Pack:
Zero Hour founded by Jack Swordkeeper, Silver Fang, Thomas Creeley, adopted Uktena, Shahin Wandering-Learner of the Striders.
April 27, 2000: Sebastian Sterling murdered by Thomas Creeley. Thomas later claims he was decieved by the sorcerer,
April 29, 2000: South Central Mini-Regional Garou Game: Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio garou unify to reawaken San Marcos caern. Wendigo guides many of the Caern's Garou on a visionquest, testing them, leading them to a spirit in the form of a White Buffalo calf, scarring many of them with the Sun Dance. The Garou establish a network of Moon Bridges arching from San Marcos to link all the major Septs in the state.
April 29, 2000: Matthew Oathbreaker returns to the Gaian garou.
April 30, 2000:
Angie Lords killed by Oathkeeper. Cordelia-ikthya kidnaps Mosquito, who dies in Malfaeas, battling the Black Spiral Dancers. Erik Larson, now a skindancer, captured by Garou.
May 2?, 2000: After other members leave for
Zero Hour, Alpha Mosquito dies, former member Eric Larson becomes skindancer, Jeanie Montforte disbands Austin's chapter of the Mystery Men.
May 9, 2000: Thomas Creeley killed by Jack Swordkeeper at
Zero Hour pack home.
May, 1999: Jack Swordkeeper becomes
Eldest Philodox, inheriting the cursed position. Shields-the-Weak becomes Master of Challenges.
May 13, 2000: 13 children infested with serpent-banes attack sept. A Thunderwyrm burrows from the soil in a north Austin housing development.
May 13, 2000: Caern Warder Walker implicated by Sept spirits in dealings with banes on Caern soil.
May 24, 2000: Walker relents in challenge for
Caern Warder, giving position to Finds the River of the Fianna.
May ??, 2000: Jack Swordkeeper leaves
Zero Hour, surrendering the pack to the Children of Gaia. More Thunderwyrms.
?? June, 2000: Finds the River leaves Austin, giving the position of
Sept Warder to <NAME>, Wendigo Philodox.
June 28, 2000: Spirits place the Sept in a dark future, a vision of things to come, where internal strife led to the Caern's downfall.
July 18-20, 2000: Eric Chessman claims the position of
Ritesmaster of Luna's Shadow, and two days later, Keeper of the Land. Two months later, Chessman wanders away.
July 22, 2000: Pack of
Neverwhere claims Stag as their totem. Founding Members: Silver Fang Wallace "The Midwife," SF kin Janet Blaire, Marco Wave-Rider, Eric Chessman Shadows-at-the-Crossroad, Fianna Bitch-Slaps the Wyrm.
August 19, 2000: A small group of Garou fight off a dragon from the Deep Umbra with sword, gun, and Rites of Cleansing--it flees into Austin. Six innocent bystanders killed in hunt for Enticer fomori on University of Texas campus. Dragon later revealed to be a powerful avatar of greed, and Garou must combat it on a more metaphysical level.
August 19, 2000: Silver Fang Dove's Cry wins her challenge for Elder rank.
August 19, 2000: Julian Shields-the-Weak challenges an absent Morgan Anderson for Sept Alpha. Shadowcatcher (was Runs Before the Storm) challenges an absent Walker for Eldest Galliard.
August 31, 2000: Morgan Anderson reclaims Sept
Alpha, pledges to return to the sept.
August 31, 2000: Stone of Scorn performed on Julian Shields-the-Weak for breaking the Veil.
September 14, 2000:
Eldest Galliard Challenge: Walker challenges Stormchaser (once Runs-before-the-Storm, soon Shadowcatcher) to a Klaive Duel--no, a duel with Klaives, not a Klaive Duel--probably to the death, or to submission, for the position. The Master of Challenges adds "no gifts that might unfairly bring about the end of the challenge"--mind control, and so forth. As the Strider presses his attack, Walker calls upon Icy Chill of Despair, and watching spirits and Garou call foul. Shields-the-Weak (Master of Challenges) calls the end of the challenge, Walker calls him a fool, and is shot. He flees into the Umbra. Garou retrieve him, and he claims that his gift did not invalidate the challenge. He is subjected to the Satire Rite and ostracized from the Caern.
September 28, 2000: Trent Walks-with-Death challenges Bryce Johnson for Eldest Ahroun.
September?: Trent Walks-with-Death made
Beta of Luna's Shadow
September?: Eric Chessman Shadows-at-the-Crossroads builds white gravel triskellion around Caern heart
October 14, 2000:
Hidden Watchers forms; Medibomber, Shadowcatcher, Raindancer founding members.
October?: Pack of
Neverwhere disintergrates from attrition
January, 2001: Andros Kuros Follows-the-Spirit-Path dies, pierced through the heart by Artemis's arrow.
January, 2001: Shadow Lord Equinox of the Night claims
Eldest Philodox after Jack Swordkeeper vacates.
January 2, 2001: Cassian Burgess, Niamh, Little Cloud go on their Rite of Passage, traveling to the Legendary Land to clear up a land dispute between the Silver Fangs, Fianna, and a small cluster of Banetenders.
January 14, 2001: Garou visit the devastation near the Paramount Theater in the Umbra, and find powerful spirits of death leading the souls of lost Kinfolk away to a chariot--is this the Umbra, or the Shadowlands? Shadowcatcher's Rite of Cleansing drives many of the spirits away.
January 28, 2001:
Pack of the Dead Cat forms. Cassian Burgess (SF), Niamh (Fia), Little Cloud (Ukt), Marco (GW) founding members.
January 28, 2001: Garou visit the Driscoll Hotel, which was destroyed weeks before. Defeat a powerful bane of death and corruption bound to the building. Silver Fangs of Unbreakable Hearth make deal with a Spirit of Commerce to help renovate the building.
January, 2001: Raindancer claims Master of the Rite.
February, 2001: Jack Swordkeeper leaves Austin to join a Houston pack.
March 3, 2001, SC Regional Game: After sending scouts to the Caerns across Texas and tracing back the network of moon-bridges established in April 2000, the Wyrm's minions attack. Many of Gaia's defenders are in Dallas, trying to find the secret of a lost Rite that will bind a Wyrm Spirit powerful enough to start tipping the dominos to the Apocalypse. While the Garou quest, a team of Cyborgs, powerful spirits with dangerous fangs, and a Nexus Crawler assault the Dallas Caern--which dies. In a concerted attack, Luna's Shadow, Hidden Waters, the Houston Caern and many other powerful Caerns in Texas are struck. Cat reclaims the Houston Caern. San Antonio's totem, Oak, begins to die--though there seems to be some hope for the future at this date. Trent Runs-with-Death runs with the pathstone away from Luna's Shadow, and Sparky of the Bone Gnawers ignores Trent's orders to retreat and guts the machine siphoning off the Caern's spiritual energy--but Moonshadow is put into a deep slumber and the Caern's energies are scattered. Alias Redrover dies in Dallas, and the Pack of the Talons of Rage disbands. Equinox of the Night dies in San Antonio. Marco Water-Rider and Shields-the-Weak are seriously mangled.
March 17, 2001: In the wake of the attack, the Sept holds a moot to reorganize itself. Medibomber and Trent Runs-with-Death challenge for
Alpha. Trent wins, but concedes the position to Medibomber because of duties to his tribe and the spirits. Glass Walkers Cassider, Damaged Sector and <damn, forgot name!> figure out a way to magnetize silver and clean up most of the shrapnel around the sept.
March 17, 2001: The Curse of Zero Hour takes down Damned to be Free, who is executed after showing increased mental abberation, finally calling the Sept Alpha Ickthya.
Zero Hour disbands.
March 24, 2001: The totem of the Sept of Hidden Waters, a spirit of Oak, dies. The spirit Christie gives up her essence to nourish it while Garou gather ritual components, but they arrive too late. A single acorn may hold the future of the San Antonio Sept. The Child of Gaia Lupus Wings-on-his-Back, once a member of the
Mystery Men, sacrifices himself to aid the totem--but it does no good.
March 31, 2001: Shadowcatcher challenges for
Alpha and wins.



The Pure Ones: Since Austin's Garou presence was established in 1850, the Pure Ones--Wendigo and Uktena--have made their presence known.

Something about the strength of the ancient Garou forms one of the more common motifs in Austin plot-archs.

Death: Spirits of Death haunt Austin and San Antonio, manifesting as a kindly mother-figure, The Gunslinger, a rabbit, and even taking the forms of Garou Christian Albrecht and Angie Lords. Some Garou have been directly reincarnated--Forge, on his death, partly manifested in a deranged Metis within a few months of his death, and Jules Stands-his-Ground has managed to return from the dead twice--each time haunting or changing him. In particular the Rite of Spring Reawakening of May, 1999 was touched by these phantoms, and the Gunslinger has made a number of repeat appearances. The Spring Reawakening scenario seems to tie the Death aspect and the Pure Ones together. In late 2000-early 2001, the spirits of the dead themselves have been manifesting--in the January scenes of the death-banes, which closely mimic the Shadowlands. Christie, an aspect of the comforting death, has appeared in Austin and San Antonio, though she is such a nurturing spirit that a death-aspect may be a misunderstanding on my part.

Lord of the City: Each year in the summer, usually in June or July, City Father leaves his work to take a vacation. He usually leaves an industrious Glass Walker or Bone Gnawer with the job. Frequently the City Father manifests as Leslie, a local landmark transient, but lately he has manifested as CanBeater, a dead Bone Gnawer that once held the office. Glass Walkers Steel Fang and Paul Dukhat have also held the position, though Steel "won" it when Canbeater gave it to him--City Father tends to give this position to a Garou of low rank.